Put Buyers as First Prority

Tips for Buyers

Counterfeit parts and fraud are costly problems for businesses involved in the purchase of electronic components. AllBoms verify and background check each listed members to make sure the legitimacy and quality of their businesses.

When an Quote is Received
  • Verify the seller's email is from the sellers listed on our site.
  • Ask more info from the seller: business license, bank account, etc. Make sure their names are consistent.
  • Ask the seller about their return and refund policy.
  • Ask the seller about the product's detail info such as date code, package condition, etc.
Make Payment
  • Use payment methods such as credit card or paypal which allow 30 ~ 60 days refund in some situations.
  • Negotiate with the seller for partial payment before receiving the items. However, if you are a new customer to the seller, this may not be an option.
When Items are Received
  • Inspect the items immediately and let the seller know as soon as possible if there is a defect.
Contact AllBoms
  • Submit feedback below to protect your interest.
  • Contact us if necessary.

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